Local Community Support for Raceview Mill is  overwhelming with over 4,000 likes on our facebook page.

Local schools, charities and community groups regularly use the Mill for events and we are delighted to help in any way we can.
Raceview Mill has played an important part in village life for over 200 years.

The planned demolition would have brought this to an end, but instead Raceview Mill is again a major part of the local community.

Here are our plans.

We plan to create 100 sustainable jobs at the mill, mostly from startup and fledgling businesses.

We plan to have at least six festivals and events, some large and some smaller annually to bring life to the village.

We plan to hold a monthly market and build this into a "best of breed" market with live music, atmoshere and lots of visitors.

We plan to turn Raceview Mill into a popular Tourism destination, particularly targetting North Americans, given our proximity to Slemish and the Glens.

We plan to make Raceview Mill a popular location for artisan food manufacturers and shops.

Arts & Crafts
Through support for local and young artists we will make Raceview Mill a hub for the promotion of the arts & crafts.

It is only through the complete support of the local people we have managed to come so far in three short years.

For instance Broughshane Primary School have been involved in a book launch, art exhibition and their choir have played in the Mill.

Similarly Castle Towers school have been involved in art at the mill and their choir has been welcomed to perform at the Mill.

Local scouts and Cubs from 1st Broughshane and other local clubs have planted over 100 trees on Raceview Mill ground, assisted by the Woodland Trust.

Charities frequently use the mill for events, including Rotary, Inner Wheel, PTA's NI Hospice, McMillan and many more.

Local artists make use of the mill both to work and for exhibition space.